Naturally Gifted Vs Unnaturally Gifted Football Players

You may be naturally blessed with a talent, but that doesn’t mean the next person who’s not blessed with that talent can’t acquire it along the way.For example: Some people are naturally born with melodious voices. However, others who aren’t born with melodious voices can acquire the good skill of singing melodiously. It all depends on the individual’s desire, discipline and hard work.

I’ve seen many naturally gifted footballers. These guys can do almost every skill that can be done with the ball.

These guys can dribble defenders effortlessly.

These guys have an amazing control over the ball.

But you hardly see the signs that these guys do extra training at home.

Example of guys like this include: Ronaldinho, Pele, Messi, etc.

However, I’ve seen other guys who worked hard to become highly skilled players.

I believe Bale, Cristiano Ronaldo, etc., can fit this category.

Cristiano Ronaldo hardworking




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