Is Gabriel Enoch Wrong About Buhari’s Dress To G7 Summit?

I saw a very surprising comment on Twitter about Muhammadu Buhari’s dressing to the G7 2015 Summit.

Gabriel Enoch criticized Mahammadu Buhari’s dress to the G7 summit on Twitter.

In his words:

leaders 4 once lets be fashionable. see what wore on the when other leaders on suits

Gabriel Enoch comment on Buhari's dress to G7 2015 summit

Source: Twitter


I decided to make this post in response to his comment.

So, Gabriel Enoch, here’s why Buhari was right to dress in traditional:

It differentiates him from the rest

Almost every leader in the summit was wearing suit. Buhari is the new president of Nigeria. Some people believe he’s the key to a new Nigeria.He deserves that attention.

There’s no better way to attract attention in a picture than dressing differently.

There was no dress code

There wasn’t any rule that said the only corporate attire leaders attending the meeting should wear is suits.

We don’t always have to go English

It’s terrible Africans are losing there culture day-by-day.


Buhari dress to G7 2015 summit

Suits aren’t the only corporate clothing out there

I believe this is simple as it sounds.

It’s still fashionable (impressive)

Personally, I love traditional clothing and I believe they’re cool.

It shows he’s proud of his culture

He doesn’t care what other people think about his traditional clothing.

He wouldn’t be forced to adopt another man’s style.

He’s creating awareness

Awareness of the African culture (Nigerian culture). Suck it.




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