Young Nigerians–Do NOT Let The Older Guys Fool You


Dear Nigerian youths,

This letter is for those of you that have not given up on our country and are interested in making a positive change in the nation. It’s normal for you to seek the help of the older generation, as were made to know they’re wiser. However, it’s important to discern when they try to deceive you, because falling into their deceit would mean a step away from having a positive change in the nation.

Don’t let them fool youYoung Nigerians protest pic

Be wary of yielding to their advice in dealing with other ethnic groups as this could be coming from a place of pain due to their experiences.

I’ve seen a few Igbos who regard Yoruba’s as “untrustworthy” people because, they “betrayed” the Igbo’s during the Biafran War in the 1960s. This form of thinking would do more harm than good, especially for the younger generation.

Don’t listen to the old politicians that try to pollute your mind and make you fight against each other. Some of these people have given up on the country years ago, and most of what they do hurts the nation. They have screwed the nation so badly. They shouldn’t be in power, but you find them struggling among themselves to be in power, instead of living in shame.

Our duty as Nigerians

Having a better Nigeria starts with you.



Giovanni is obsessed with the social-economic development of his beloved Africa and inspiring people to think for themselves logically and rationally. He started Thescripton as a teenager because he felt it was one of his best ways to contribute to making society better by discussing critical social topics in an educative manner. But as his grew older he realised he change should begin from an individual level. He’s the founder of Larnedu and a few other online communities that serve thousands of people around the world. He’s open to constructive criticism and learning from others.

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  1. Aluko says:

    Great piece Giovanni…Keep it up !

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