Phones Will Soon Self-Heal Their Screens After Cracking

Last week, I accidentally allowed my android touch-screen phone to fall on the gym floor…

…Unexpectedly, it cracked.

Hell, I was sad…

I wished I could turn back time to avert such an unfortunate event.

cracked phone screen


However, I knew the only option I was left with is to change the whole screen, which is quite expensive.

If you’ve experienced something similar.

Don’t worry…

Duncan Wass, a professor at the University of Bristol has been developing a carbon-based “healing agent” that can heal cracked phone screens.

Phone screens of the future may be built with microspheres that would be equipped with these healing chemicals. When the phone is cracked, the chemicals would burst, releasing a solution that hardens instantly and almost invisibly.

This healing chemical was originally designed to heal cracked spaces on an airplane wings while it’s airborne. However, the potential uses on different applications have spread.



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