This Northerner Thinks Differently Of Northern Nigeria—Read

When Sahara Reporters made a post about Buhari’s statement admitting that old age would limit his performance–the comment section got flooded with comments(as expected).

Kano Dan Sokoto comment about Northern Nigeria 2

Some comments were full with great perspective…

Some were ignorant…

Some were pessimistic…

Some were optimistic…

…and some where plain stupid.

Well, I saw one made by Kano Dan Sokoto. It’s with an interesting perspective, and I decided to share it here.

I’m sure some stupid comments I saw were from people who didn’t read the full article, but I read it, and I felt a bit optimistic about president Buhari. All the same, my stand still remains the same. I don’t trust Nigerian politicians. I feel they don’t care about the average Nigerian. They are there to serve their own selfish interests. However, when I see something good, I’d support it.

Here’s Kano’s comment:

Some hard or bitter truth as you may call it.
I have realized that our region is the most backward region in our country (Nigeria), and yet our region (North) has produced presidents of this great country than any other region. But has nothing to show for it.

Starting from the Amdu Bello, Shehu Shagari, Buhari, Ibrahim Babangida, Sani Abacha to Abdulsalami then late Yarudua and now back to Muhammad Buhari again all are from the core North and yet why our region still the most poverty ravaged. Worst sickness you found it here in the North. The richest man in the whole Africa from north and yet we have highest of illiteracy in Nigeria.

Sometime when I read online and hear some of our people talk about been sentimental in their judgments, I discover it is more in our region than other part of Nigeria. I have come to realize that our elites are our problem and not other regions. I have come to realize that most of us are dying of envy, some of you have to travel out of north and see things for yourselves and not base on what our immans, elders and political elites tells you because they still want to use you to get what they want for their own blood children even the unborn. I hate it when I hear some of our people call others names. Let us swallow our pride and give honor to whom it is do to. The Igbos are very adventurous and that is why they are everywhere in the world and making good names for our country (Nigeria). The first woman to win Gold in sport is an ibo woman, the first and second woman to be recognize by world bank are ibo women. And our people are still playing local champion. The first Nigeria to be voted in parliament in Italy, Poland, Germany, USA, England are all ibos. The only time a Northerner made headline was in negative way, trying to bomb American airline.

And for those of you my Muslim brodas I don’t want you to look at my message as bias or ridiculing NO, it is not but I want you to think. Islam is a religion of peace, I agree with you but how on earth will someone outside your religion so convince you to take arms against your fellow worshipers and you willingly do so as some of you claim. Or how can our leaders because they want power allow Boko Haram to kill their people so freely with all the head of states from our region and they are all Muslims. Don’t you think it is stupidity? Some of you guys need to travel outside Nigeria and see how the children of our elite eats what belong to you and me. They squander our money, money that was made for the development of North. I hate them all. Allah bless Nigeria.



Here’s the link to the original comment on Facebook.

Here’s the original screenshot:

Kano Dan Sokoto comment about Northern Nigeria


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