Nigeria Might Not Be Ebola-Free After All

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If no Ebola case is declared in Nigeria within the next 3 days then WHO would declare Nigeria Ebola-free. However, when I checked my  Facebook feed today,  I saw a news that could change that. It was about a 63-year-old man that died on a plane. This man, a US citizen was traveling from Nigeria to New York!
He died on the plane after vomiting profusely on his seat. No doubt the first suspicion would be: He died from the Ebola sickness.
This could pose a risk to Nigeria’s desire of being certified by WHO as ‘’Ebola-free”. This could pose a threat to those Nigerian leaders that want to contest for the 2015 Election in Nigeria.
Americans have been urging their black president “Barack Obama” to suspend flights from West Africa or Ebola-stricken countries and this could mean Nigeria may be included on the list.

Update on the Ebola story

A short test was done on the old man and he tested negative to the Ebola virus. Nigeria could be declared Ebola-free on the 20th of this Month by WHO after all.

Doubts still abound about the Ebola test result on the man

However some people still doubt the validity of the result. They claim Eric Duncan, the first man to die of the Ebola sickness in USA was initially tested negative when he went to a Texas hospital for a test.
US Republican Congressman, Peter King is part of those not confident with the test done on the old man. In a letter to the US Department of Homeland Security he said there are not enough checks in place before reaching the screening process.
You can see read his letter here if you care:
Part b:
Peter King's letter to US department of homeland security about the Ebola part a

Peter King's letter to US department of homeland security about the Ebola part b

I would congratulate the Nigerian government and all the citizens of Nigeria that helped made sure the Ebola virus was “contained” in our country. Only God knows how worst it would have been for us if the otherwise had happened. God must love us-peace to Nigeria!


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  1. Efi says:

    Since Ebola Has been discovered in USA too; other countries should ban flights from the USA!

  2. Ebuka says:

    Well, I am thinking of the Nigerians that live in Liberia, Sierra Leon and all those Ebola infected countries… What if they contract the disease and come back to this country.

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