Terrence Gilbert Got What Was Necessary

ambulanceEvery police killing in America is not as a result of racism or police brutality. Sometimes some people do bad stuff, and actually get what is necessary. Terrence Gilbert is an example I believe.

Terrence Gilbert, a 25-year old man stabbed a police man twice with a knife. According Chicago Tribune, he was asked to put his weapon down and surrender. But he decided to charge at the police officers. Well, he was lucky, he got shot at the torso, so I’m not sure if he is dead. But if he’s dead, it’s his own fault, and not that of the police men that shot him. Imagine you are the police offer that was stabbed–what would you do at that situation?

This is similar to the case of Antonio Martin, and the response from the policemen on duty is right based on what I read alone.




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  1. rup fox says:

    How do you know he was black?

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