Nigeria Does Not Need Buhari And The Likes

As harsh as this may sound, and with all due respect, Mr Buhari, Nigeria does not want people like you. Nigeria is tired of people like you. People like you made Nigeria what it is today.


Buhari declares for Nigeria presidency

Points to consider

I was not born when you were still a leader, but I heard you meted heavy blows to those who were against you. You didn’t accept freedom of speech and according to some reports you were after all corrupt.

I do not easily believe all what people say until I do my background check. I did so, and I fear there may be an element of truth in all the accusations levelled against you.

You cannot be part of the democracy you helped destroy in 1983, after you overthrew the democratically elected government of Shehu Shagari.

Nigeria is a secular state, but I fear you’d use religion to tear Nigeria apart. You appear “staunch” in your religious believes, I fear you are not the right person that will stop some crazy laws in Nigeria, and more.

On the 2011 presidential elections which you lost, you said, “If what happens in 2011 should again happen in 2015, by the grace of God, the dog and the baboon will all be soaked in blood…”

Well, that is not the right thing for a stateman to say.

Why do you want to impose yourself on the people of Nigeria?

Why do you want to incite the children of other Nigerians to shed blood of innocent Nigerians?

The 2011 elections can be ranked as one of the best in Nigeria from what I’ve seen so far. I believe you should be disqualified for making such a vain comment.

When you would have called for a positive revolution, you kept quiet. When Abacha killer squads eliminated innocent Nigerians for opposing his regime, you kept quiet. When Abacha suddenly decided to retire and automatically became civilian president, Buhari—you did not call for ‘the dog and the baboon’ blood soaking.

Buhari, you jailed two Guardian journalists, one year each, for publishing in The Guardian Newspaper of April 1 & 8, 1984, with the headlines “Eight Military Chiefs Tipped as Ambassadors” and “Haruna to Replace Hannaniya”. What could have been their punishment if they had called for a revolution then? Why are doing this when democracy is taking its shape in Nigeria? These and more are some of the atrocities you committed during your time as an autocratic ruler of Nigeria.

Some people go as far as to accuse you to be a sponsor of Boko Haram, and your “dog and baboon blood soaking statement” doesn’t help to proove them wrong.

After all, what other thing would cause blood soaking?

From what I’ve seen, you are one of the people that could make the prediction that Nigeria would demise by 2015 to be true.

A pot shouldn’t call a Kettle black.You should know this before you point your fingers next time at another Nigerian politician.

Don’t start a flame you can’t quench. Someone like you could cause trouble, but when the trouble comes, you would run to the next country to seek refuge, and leave innocent Nigerians to face gruesome deaths.

You were a dictator. It’s simple: once a dictator, always a dictator, period. It is hard for a former dictator to rule as a civilian. Obasanjo couldn’t even do that, and neither can you. The military orientation you have is always going to be there even as a civilian leader.

On those who support Buhari

Buhari, you know you are not the messiah Nigerians are waiting for. Those who support you and people like you to be the next president or leaders of Nigeria are misguided and short sighted. They are sectarian and do not care about the rest of Nigeria. They do not seem to understand the damage people like you can do to democracy, freedom of thoughts, development and unity.


It is surprising that people believe that the future of a country lies with those who played a part in its destruction. Your role in instigating violent unrest in the north after the last election is yet to be investigated.

Your complicity in the infamous 52 suit cases is yet to be investigated.

Your differential treating of politicians when you overthrew the elected government of Shehu Shagari on the basis of religion and ethnicity is still too fresh in the memory of the victims.

Buhari, you are a free man today but you should have been tried.

Buhari, you should retire from Nigeria politics as Babangida has done, if you truly love Nigeria. This will be a more honorable way to help Nigeria.

The future of Nigeria resides in electing a detribalized and religious liberal minded person who recognizes that real political change can happen in Nigeria.

At the moment, Nigerian politics is a balancing act of ethnicity and religion because they are still the strongest constructs on which Nigerians segregate and majority of people decide on whom to vote for at elections. Nigeria does not need a leader who will make these constructs more relevant.

Goodluck Jonathan may not have done much, but running to Buhari for answers may be a wrong move by Nigerians.

I wish the best for the nation Nigeria.




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  1. Michael says:

    I used to think he was one of the best presidents Nigeria ever had, but when I checked his history. He was just like the rest.I fear for Nigeria

  2. Randy says:

    Well said!

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