16 Reasons Why Every Sensible Nigerian Should Not Vote

Politics in Nigeria is totally unpredictable. It is a game that has been used to deceive the Nigerian public for decades. In Nigeria, politics is played by unqualified candidates who are power-hungry, illiterates, and ill prepared. Well, basically all those who would tarnish the affairs of this nation by any means to please their selfish desire. Since voting during elections has not been working for Nigerians – it is better they change that, which is don’t vote!

I know some Nigerians would say ”well if you don’t vote, how do you stop ‘bad’ from coming to you?” Well, the way the system is setup, it would come to you anyways – but do not willingly invite it.

A sensible Nigerian should not be deceived by the antics of a bunch of people who call themselves politicians. Here is why every sensible Nigerian should not vote come 2015 Nigeria elections:

Your vote is meaningless

In a nation with millions of illiterates, your vote as a person could be outweighed by the same people who are not politically literate.

It is a waste of time

Why waste your time in a queue to vote for a bunch of politicians, who would never deliver?

It makes you think if it’s actually worth it

Every sensible Nigerian knows that that most of Nigeria’s politicians are not worth it. They know these politicians acquire a hell load of money from the nation’s coffers. They know Nigerian politicians don’t really care about the masses… Yet you still find Nigerians trooping to the polling station during any election day to cast their votes for the same people that don’t care about them – sensible? No!

Results stand a high chance of being rigged

Nigeria has a low reputation for holding free and fair elections. Why invest in something that is definitely not going to be free and fair? The results could be rigged to favor any side anyways, so why bother?

It is not patriotic

I know it is patriotic to vote during elections as a citizen of a country. But is for a country with competent politicians. Most of Nigeria’s politicians mess everything up after they are voted to power. They rather destroy the nation instead of  building it. Therefore, voting for them is plainly unpatriotic.

Nigerians can be bought over

More than fifty percent (50%) of Nigerians live in poverty-give them ”bread and coke,” and they would stupidly vote for you. This is not a today issue, and it is certainly not an assumption. It has been a good strategy for different Nigerian politicians to win elections over the years.

Why vote when a bunch of people acting on an impulse of bribery could render your vote useless?

Nigerians do not know what they want

An Igbo man would vote for an Igbo man, not because the Igbo man is qualified, but because he is an Igbo man. A Yoruba man would vote for a Hausa man, not because the Hausa man is qualified, but because he does not want an Igbo man to rule. An Igbo man would vote for a Yoruba man not because the Yoruba man is qualified, but because he does not want an Hausa man to rule.

I would say this, Yar’adua seemed better than Jonathan and I do not care whether he is an Hausa man!

Nigerians do not know what they want and that is why they are easily manipulated to believe anything. PDP is never performing, but why would a sensible Nigerian believe the present APC team would be any better?

You could make a better leader

Chances are you are better educated, leadership-oriented, and even have a higher IQ than most of those that want to take the reins of power in Nigeria. The only problem is that you may not have the money, affiliation, or popularity as they have. Also, you may not be willing to play the dirty antics they play in other to get into power.

The political party system does not favor the right guys

The political party system is so messed up. It never attracts the right guys. In fact the right guys are directly, and indirectly forced out of the system.

It is hard for honest, innocent and leadership-worthy citizens of Nigeria to via for the presidential post. This is because the cost of seeking tickets of the leading political parties in Nigeria is extremely high. Take a look at the presidential ticket costs for PDP and APC below:

PDP: 22 million. APC: 27 million

One would be left to ask where these guys would recoup all these monies from? I am sure you can guess the right answer. Certainly, they are not going to let that money go like that – it is not for charity.

Your choice could cause Nigeria to break apart

No sensible Nigerian would ever wish for Nigeria to break apart after all these years.

Chances are the person you want to vote for could cause the analysts prediction that Nigeria would divide come 2015 to come to pass.

Security dangers are high

If you think there would be a smooth election in every polling station in Nigeria then you are totally off track. Politics in Nigeria is one of the dirtiest in the world. In Nigeria, it is not uncommon for politicians to employ the services of touts, bandits, etc., to disrupt elections in polling stations. And this could mean your safety could be endangered.

You are basically voting for a bunch of unpatriotic people 

It is only in Nigeria that I have heard politicians talking of presidential zoning. That is one of the subnormal suggestions I have ever heard from the mouth of a politician who wishes to practice democracy. It says a lot about the minds of some of Nigeria’s so called leaders. These guys are only concerned about their own selfish interests.

Come to think of this; why should a unified and democratic nation practice presidential zoning? Do you hear that from countries like Canada, USA? This shows the level of intelligence some of our politicians have. A Nigerian president should be free to come from any region at any time, so far he is voted by the majority into office.

Besides why vote for idiots who would never properly account to you for anything? Why vote for idiots who have made Nigeria what it is today?

It makes you a pawn in a game board

Politics is a game – you cannot change that, but you can change not being a pawn in the game board. Nigerian politicians pollute the minds of the Nigerian youth, and cause ethic and religious tension in Nigeria. Their children do not fight in the wars they create, but they use other people’s children.

They do not perform and you know that, but what does that make you that still vote for them? A pawn!

You are giving a bunch of politicians the green light to make money off you

Do you honestly believe those Nigerian politicians that spend their money during their rallies (to bribe the masses, etc.) would not recoup it when they are elected into office? Think again! Do you honestly believe most of the presidents that have ruled this country have not stolen from the nation’s coffers? Think again.

It is no news; most Nigerian politicians see every political post as an opportunity to make huge money. They steal huge sums of cash, and yet they still receive huge sums of money as salaries. Surprisingly, they are praised and supported by some Nigerians.

It has been noted; more than $350 billion have been stolen or mismanaged by the leaders of this country in the past 50 years. Sani Abacha alone accrued over $4 billion by the time he died – do the other math. They have not conscience. They feel if they don’t steal enough, the next person would do, and that is one of the thing killing Nigeria.

It is still the same promise Nigerian politicians have to offer

All parties such as APC, PDP, APCP, PDPA and many more are all the same thing with different faces. For decades, Nigerians have been hearing the same type of stories from different politicians. They promise heaven and earth before they get to office, and when they are elected into office it becomes different story.

Tell me, isn’t corruption still predominant in Nigeria? Not much has changed; it is just that the methods of corruption have changed with recent developments. Law enforcement agents still force even the average Nigerian to pay bribe or unwarranted fees, what has been done to stop that by the Nigerian politicians? Who says the next badge would be any different?

Same old results Nigerians get all over again from their politicians… The only difference is that the magnitude of some is greater or lesser than the others.

Politicians on each end do not care about you

If they ever cared about you, if they ever cared about this nation, if they ever believed in the future of this nation – do you think Nigeria would be where it is today? Look at other countries that started in the same pace as Nigeria – look at their level now; nothing to be compared with Nigeria.

With the money and economic potential of this nation, I cannot understand why more than fifty percent of Nigerians have to live hard lives. I cannot understand why poverty is aplenty. I cannot understand why infrastructure to be poor.
It is certified, the average Nigerian politicians steals from the poor, lives a good life while the average Nigerian suffers to make ends meet.



For those who do not think this way, please stay at home. Watch a movie. Find something to do. But for the love of God and this country don’t vote.



Giovanni is obsessed with the social-economic development of his beloved Africa and inspiring people to think for themselves logically and rationally. He started Thescripton as a teenager because he felt it was one of his best ways to contribute to making society better by discussing critical social topics in an educative manner. But as his grew older he realised he change should begin from an individual level. He’s the founder of Larnedu and a few other online communities that serve thousands of people around the world. He’s open to constructive criticism and learning from others.

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