Kaduna Was A “Terrible” Venue For The Match Against Chad


You may think it’s because of Boko Haram, well—that’s not the main reason.

Boko Haram is definitely a security threat in Kaduna, but that doesn’t mean normal activities shouldn’t go on in Kaduna.

The main reason why I believe the Nigeria vs chad match shouldn’t have been held in Kaduna concern is:

Kaduna is just like Chad

Nigeria vs Chad 2017 AFCON qualifiers

Source: Goal.com


Kaduna is closer to Chad and has the same climate as Chad.

This would naturally give the Chadian team the ability to perform at their peak without arriving before time in an attempt to be acclimatized.

If you watched the match, you’d notice the Chadian players played as if they were at home.

Most of the Super Eagles key-players in the match are relatively not used to climates such as the one in Kaduna. This is unlike the Chadian players who are mostly home-based.

It would have been better if the match were played in a different state—with a different climate, other than the one the Chadian players are used to.

This may not sound fair, but it’s part of the winning strategy most national teams employ—especially when they have home matches.

The decision by NFF didn’t cost Nigerians a lot this time, and I hope they make a better decision next time.

That’s all I have to say…




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