Don’t Question Aisha Buhari’s Expensive Watch But Buhari

Photos of Nigeria’s first lady wearing an expensive watch on the day of inauguration for her husband has got Nigerians talking.

It has led some Nigerians to ask whether they undermine President Buhari’s “man of the people” image.

Investigations reveal the watch is a Artier Baignoire Folle 18-Carat white gold diamond ladies watch which costs £34,500.

Artier Baignoire Folle 18-Carat white gold diamond ladies watch


Aisha Buhari expensive watch image

At the current exchange rate of 303.93, that amounts to more than 10 million Naira.

However, even if it costs 100 million Naira, frankly, Nigerians don’t need to question Aisha Buhari because:

It’s “her money”, probably

Sources reveal she has a host of businesses in the country that should be generating millions.

Also, she probably didn’t acquire the money for buying the watch from public funds (although this can be disputed).

Don’t forget:

  • She has the right to spend her money anyway she likes.
    After all, no one likes being told how to spend his or her money.

She’s rich

So, she can afford it.

When you are rich enough, buying a watch like that may not be a big deal.

It could be a gift

It could be a gift from one of those rich folks the Buhari family is connected to.


However, Nigerians have a reason to question Buhari

It was him who implied he was a modest man prior to the election.

It was him who raised over 100 million Naira from ordinary Nigerians during his campaign. According to him, he did this because he doesn’t want to be a servant to anyone.

It was him who said he borrowed 25 million from the Bank to pay for his presidential candidacy form.

According to a Facebook post posted by an APC supporter prior to the 2015 elections:

Well, this raises questions of all sorts, like:

Was Buhari really telling the truth when he implied he was a “poor man”?



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