A Normal Guy Does Not Rob A Shop In Public & On Camera

It is an established conclusion that a person who robs you in public can do worst to you in private. Michael Brown according to the video you see below stole from a store, and manhandled the clerk on his way out. Clearly, he felt big, powerful, and unstoppable. A normal 18-year-old wouldn’t do that. A normal adult wouldn’t even do that. But that would not change my stance–he didn’t deserve to die the way he did.

Mike Brown had issues

michael-brown-stealing-from-shopHe had a clean record with the police, and one would wonder why he would do something like that on the video.

Did Michael Brown think the owner of the store, or the clerk wouldn’t call the Police?

Did he think the police wouldn’t come after him if he was reported?

Did he think there was no camera in the shop?

What the hell was he thinking? Tell me, would a normal human being do that? Absolutely not! If you buy something from me, I expect you to pay me in full. If I buy something from you, I should pay you no matter how inexpensive the material is. At worst, I’d beg for that thing if I don’t have the money…It’s your decision to give it to me or not, and I cannot do anything about that.

Michael Brown didn’t just steal a stick of cigarillo–he stole a handful! That is one impetus for a guy his age. No. That is one negative impetus for a human being. There is certainly nothing good about that–taking something that doesn’t belong to you forcefully.

At that age, one should  be wiser and know the implications of every action. What was he thinking? Was he high from the weed he clearly smokes? I wonder.

I was clearly sad when I heard the news of how he was shot by a white police officer. I don’t fully believe the account of the police man, nor Michael Brown’s friend who happened to be in the scene when Michael Brown was shot.

Implications of Michael Brown’s actions (as seen on the video above)

The truth is that Michael Brown’s actions on video may cause people to libel him a thug, and hence support the police man.



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