It’s Unwise To Probe Only Jonathan’s Administration—Probe all

The APC party promised to do a lot if he (Buhari) won the2015 Nigeria presidential election. One of these things is to fight corruption in Nigeria. Every sane Nigerian would agree that corruption has borne deep roots in Nigeria, and for it to be destroyed—it should be attacked from the roots. After all, the root is one of the most important parts of a tree.

However, instead of Buhari attacking the tree of corruption in Nigeria from the roots, he has decided to attack only the leaves, and a few branches. Would this solve Nigerians’ corruption problem? No.

Buhari and Jonathan

Buhari promises to probe only Jonathan’s administration

Buhari has promised to limit his probe to the administration of the ex-president of Nigeria—Dr Goodluck Jonathan. According to Vanguard Nigeria, he did not include other regimes because he doesn’t want to be distracted. Probing Goodluck Jonathan’s government for corruption may seem like the right move to the average person, after all, Goodluck Jonathan’s government has been accused of corruption. However, so has every other government that has ruled this country since 1960. Therefore, is it right for Buhari to limit his probe to Dr Goodluck Jonathan’s government? Absolutely not. His probe should encompass every other administration that has ruled Nigeria.

Here’s why:

It’d seem like a witch-hunt

It’d seem like Buhari is going after his opponents prior to the 2015 Nigeria presidential elections.

If Buhari wants to make this right, he should include every other administration that has ruled Nigeria in his probe. He should probe any administration that has been linked to corruption.

It doesn’t make sense

Seriously, and with all due respect, probing only Jonathan’s government for corruption doesn’t make sense—especially for someone who promised to fight corruption in Nigeria. You can’t probe Jonathan’s administration, and leave out Obasanjo’s administration…

It’s no longer a secret that corruption in Nigeria encompasses Jonathan’s administration. In fact, more than $380 Billion (₦ 75,715,000,000,000) has been stolen by Nigerian elite since Nigeria’s independence.

Corruption spreads like a disease. Even if you deal with 9 parts, and leave one, that one could still end up destroying the whole body.

It’d not solve Nigeria’s corruption problem

If Buhari is really serious about fighting corruption in Nigeria, then he should do so from the roots. He shouldn’t just deal with a branch of the tree of corruption in Nigeria.


Probing previous administrations including Jonathans isn’t a distraction

It’s what Buhari should do if he means to fight corruption in Nigeria.

Sane Nigerians want to see these corrupt leaders (past and present) brought to justice irrespective of the administrations. These guys deserve to pay for their sins—that’s the simple truth.




Nigerians have suffered because of corruption by those that are meant to serve them. Corruption in the upper sector has infiltrated to the lower sector in Nigeria. The disease of corruption now runs in the blood of the average Nigerian and this has led to a terrible effect.

Some well-meaning Nigerians have lost hope in this country. They need to be given a reason to believe in this country once more.

No stone should be left unturned in the fight against corruption. Buhari should know this.


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