6 Points To Consider Before You Decide To Criticise Obama For “Snubbing Paris”

It’s common for leaders to be criticised by the masses and Obama is no exception. He has been receiving criticism for “snubbing” the anti-terrorism march in Paris over the weekend, even as leaders from 44 other countries stood together in solidarity against the terrorist masacre of 12 people at the Charlie Hebdo newspaper offices last week. A few critics have accused Obama of being ignorant, anti-American, and incompetent. The following points may give these critics a different perspective that would benefit everyone.

Charlie Hebdo- Paris Match-Obama-absent-His absence isn’t a big deal

Obama had a press conference to condemn the bloody attack. Is it a must he spends millions of tax payers dollars to travel to Paris to show he’s against the attack? No. Would his presence in paris make future terrorists to repent? Not really.

Does his absence mean he’s not concerned about the attack? No.

Obama -Paris -Snub 2

It’d encourage more terrorists to wreck more havoc

Terrorists who crave for popularity through their evil deeds would be encouraged by the Charlie Hebdo scenario. The sad truth is that they crave the media attention after each attack as it helps them to put fear among the people as well as get their message accross.

Terrorists attacks in America didn’t get similar response

I didn’t hear of 44 world leader marching in solidarity for the Boston bombing in the US…I’m not saying that they didn’t care. I’m not saying they `should’ve expressed their condolence by visiting the families of those that lost their loved ones in the attack. I’m not also saying they did support the attack. But nobody complained about that, therefore why complain about this?

What of the case of 9/11…? Did 44 world leaders attend? No!

Besides, I know the Boston bombing was in 2013, and 9/11 attack in 2001, but terrorists attacks have occurred in the US a number of times last year from 2001 to 2013. The only problem is that Americans don’t refer to it as terrorism. They rather classify it as a violent attack.

Worst things have happened in other places, but they didn’t receive similar response

More than 2000 lives have been brutally destroyed by Boko Haram in the past year. Obama or any world leader never visited the terror-hit places (except for the Nigerian president). I’m not saying that they didn’t care, but nobody complained about that. But I taught Nigeria was a U.S ally? Now I’m sure you see where this is going.Probably.

More than 130 students lost their lives after they were shot dead by Pakistani Taliban. Did the US president visit Pakistan because of that? No! But Pakistan is a US ally? Yes! It’d be biased to visit Charlie Hebdo newspaper, and yet ignore other places where worst things have happened. Is that fare? No!

Time factor

You are talking about a march that was setup in 36 hours. Mind you, America is not in Europe; it’s far away.

Security concerns

Even if I were the US president, I’d be wary to join millions to march when I know I’m a high target to terrorists, etc. I’d agree with Josh Earnest recent comment, the infrastructure needed to protect the president would have prevented some average  people from attending the event–some people wouldn’t find that cool.

Planning for presidential travel overseas often begins months in advance, and security personnel typically arrive days ahead of Obama. I know this because I saw what happened before he visited Ghana in 2009.

US officials were actually there

This is sort of quibbling a little bit in the sense that our assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland was there and marched, our ambassador was there and marched, many people from the embassy were there and marched.” -John Kerry.

Well this puts those that blame Obama for not sending any high ranking US official to shame.

Besides, John Kerry would visit Paris later this week.

US assisted in security

What better assistance could the US have rendered? The United States has been providing intelligence and law enforcement help to the French since the attacks, according to John Kerry who is currently in India on a diplomatic mission.


Once again, it’s not that Obama didn’t really care for the souls of those that lost their lives to cowards in the attack. People shouldn’t be quick to jump to ignorant or stupid conclusions.

Americans, give some respect to the man who rules you. After all, he’s done quite a decent job so far. You guys should be proud of him.Really.






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