The Problem With Sahara Reporters

Sahara ReportersSahara Reporters

Sahara Reporters pro Buhari

With a social media of over 2 million followers, Sahara Reporters no doubt is one of the biggest news agency in Nigeria…

According to Wikipedia, it promotes citizen journalism by encouraging everyday people to publish stories about corruption, human rights abuses and other political misconduct in Nigeria.

The problem with Sahara Reporters

It’s a good thing to encourage citizen journalism…


  •  What if the everyday people who report these stories of corruption, human rights abuses and other political misconduct are a bunch of biased folks?
  • What if they were hired by an opposing party to spread propaganda?

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I’ve been following Sahara Reporters on Social media for years, but it was prior to the 2015 elections that I discovered something disturbing about it— biased reporting.

I can solidly say most of its article prior to the elections was aimed at promoting APC as a better party over PDP.

However, we know in Nigeria, APC equals PDP.


Large media organizations like Sahara Reporters should use its influence to dissipate fair journalism, and not some biased story that’ll set ordinary Nigerians fighting against each other for leaders that don’t care about them.




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