Thank You Goodluck Jonathan For Being A “Hero” Of Peace

Dear Mr Goodluck Jonathan,
You lost the Nigeria presidential election and now you agreed to step down in peace. This alone wins so much respect from me.

Thank you Jonathan, thank you.

Thank you for stepping down from your presidential post in peace.

Jonathan handover to Buhari image

Source: Facebook

Thank you Jonathan for making sure that the prediction that Nigeria would demise by 2015 not come to pass (I know 2015 has not ended yet).

This was mainly due to the massive post electoral violence many feared would hit the nation after the 2015 Nigerian presidential election.

Thank you Jonathan for not reacting negatively to a plethora of negative criticism, accusations or unreasonable insults that plagued your government.

Thank you for keeping your cool even when your family members were attacked.

…your wife, Patience Jonathan was ridiculed more times than any other politician’s wife I know off.

In fact, to me, you were the most criticized Nigerian president, even though most presidents in the past seem to be worse.

Thank you Jonathan for acknowledging the blood of any Nigerian isn’t worth your second term presidential ambition.

Thank you Jonathan for the investments you made in different sectors, even though I know a chunk of the money would drift into personal pockets.

Thank you Jonathan for I believe you mean well for Nigeria.

It’d have been easy for you not to step down in peace

It’d have been easy for you to cry foul after Muhammadu Buhari was announced the of the winner of the Nigeria 2015 presidential elections.

Thank you for being an icon for future Nigerian presidents and leaders of various African countries to follow.

Good-bye Mr President.

You will be remembered for this at least.





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