Why APC Is Simply Equal To PDP

I know how politics in Nigeria and various parts of the world works.

I’ve seen it in action over the years.

I’ve read books, documents, etc., about it.

I’ve watched videos and listened to tons of discussions about it.

Almost everybody with brains know  it’s a huge failure. And Nigerian leaders are to blame. Well, and including the people.

The truth is:

Since 1960, most of the people that get to lead this nation(Nigeria) are not qualified.

Nigerian leaders have failed this nation. They’ve turned Nigeria into a time bomb waiting to explode.

Sane Nigerians know that their nation is messed up, and that’s why they want change.

But change doesn’t come easy. Change doesn’t come overnight.

And change is something that will be hard to find in Nigeria.

Nigeria Presidential election—a time to decide

It’s almost time to elect a president that will rule Nigeria for the next 4 years.

Once again Nigerians have started making assessment of the present party in power (PDP), and asking questions.

Today APC supporters claim APC would bring change to Nigeria.

I’ve been hearing various claims from both parties as to why they should be elected.

APC promisses to raise minimum wage, fight Boko Haram and establish policies better than the present government.

But for me, I know APC could be saying all this to get in power…I know APC is equal to PDP

APC can prove me wrong and I hope they do.

It’s all a game

APC-nothing to offer-thescriptonIf you think the average Nigerian politician actually cares about the average Nigerian, then you are far from the truth. If this is wrong, then the answer is simple: Nigeria would have been better off.

Politics in Nigeria is a game meant to deceive the masses…

PDP and APC have been playing the blame game.

Instead of constructively criticizing each other and working towards peace, they’ve rather increased the discord between  Nigerians.

One calls the other stupid, the accused calls the accuser corrupt–it goes on an on…

Their actions just end up confusing Nigerians.

It’s still the same old faces

APC constitutes another badge of people that helped to mess-up the affairs of this nation.

It’s the same people masquerading in a different mask.

Is APC really change?

I’d be using:

Lagos state as a case study

APC says PDP is not fighting corruption. But isn’t corruption deep within the states they rule?

Look at Lagos state for example, and I’m sure you can do the math if you are sincere…

APC says they want to bring change to Nigeria.  But how would they do that?

I’ve not seen anything different in the states they rule…

APC talks about making life easy for the common man. But in Lagos state for example, life is not easy for the common man.

In Lagos state, thugs have been supported by the government to enforce laws…

Instead of enforcing these laws, they take bribes from dissenters to overlook their crimes.

The commercial vehicles (danfos, etc) plying within the roads of Lagos are forced to pay thugs in every bus-stop. If you don’t pay, you feel their wrath.

The damning problem is that the drivers then make passengers pay by increasing the fair prices, or forcing for example: 5 people to sit on a seat meant for 4/3 people.

Lagos state instituted a state driver’s license(for commercial drivers), even though there is a national driving license.  Thereby incurring additional costs for drivers. The Lagos state driver’s license costs “1000 Naira”.If you don’t have it, you’d be made to pay a huge fine of “40000 Naira” if caught.

A common girl hawking on the street of Lagos pays for what she is selling. If she doesn’t have the money to pay, she’d be put in a cell, or the items she’s selling would be taken from her.

Visit most high ways in Lagos, and you’d see the amount of buses parked indiscreetly along the road side. These roads where meant to be free. It’s LASMA’s duty to make sure that is possible. But they rather collect bribes, and allow people to park indiscreetly.

Be sincere:

Is that change?


I pray Nigeria is saved from all those who don’t work towards good in Nigeria. That’s why I’m so not eager to vote even though I’m now eligible.





Giovanni is obsessed with the social-economic development of his beloved Africa and inspiring people to think for themselves logically and rationally. He started Thescripton as a teenager because he felt it was one of his best ways to contribute to making society better by discussing critical social topics in an educative manner. But as his grew older he realised he change should begin from an individual level. He’s the founder of Larnedu and a few other online communities that serve thousands of people around the world. He’s open to constructive criticism and learning from others.

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