What We Learned About The Media From The US Elections

As an independent observer of the US elections, I always knew Trump had a higher chance at winning, just the same way I felt Brexit was a high possibility and Buhari could win the 2015 Nigeria elections.

Most people around me didn’t see things the way I did. Whenever  I told them Trump had a higher chance at winning, they disagreed; and sometimes you’d even see the disgust with my statement in their eyes. However, they were faced with disbelief when he won.

I’m not a “Trump fan”, although I’m amazed by his persuasion skills which helped him to the white house.

Mainstream media image

Source: Ryan Fournier

The 2016 US presidential elections have proved a few things about the media, which are:

The media can’t always be trusted

Although Trump did say some foolish things during his compaign, I was surprised at some of the fake news on Trump that circulated the African media.

If you believe Hillary won the second debate, then the mainstream media may have influenced you to have such thought, because it’s clear Trump won based on charisma alone.

Not everyone that supported Trump is sexist, racist, homophobic, or islamaphobic as some mainstream news sources tried to make it seem…

The media loves controversy

Trump knows this and he used it to his advantage. If you don’t believe this, read his book, “Art of the Deal”.


It’s very important to always have an Independent judgement on every issue in the world. Don’t always fall for everything you see on the media or groupthink.




Giovanni is obsessed with the social-economic development of his beloved Africa and inspiring people to think for themselves logically and rationally. He started Thescripton as a teenager because he felt it was one of his best ways to contribute to making society better by discussing critical social topics in an educative manner. But as his grew older he realised he change should begin from an individual level. He’s the founder of Larnedu and a few other online communities that serve thousands of people around the world. He’s open to constructive criticism and learning from others.

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