Epic Reactions From The Mayweather Vs Pacquiao Fight


The fight dubbed “The fight of the century” is finally over. Floyd Mayweather won Manny Pacquio by a unanimous decision, but a majority of people are not happy with the outcome.

Here are some peoples opinion on the match:

Renz Leth says:

New point system in boxing:
clean punches
jab = 1 point
hook = 1 point
uppercut = 1 point
cross = 1 point
haymaker = 1 point
overhead = 1 point
Taunt = 2 points
Stare = 3 points
Hug = 5 points
Run = 10 points

Eric Regio says:

His strategies in the ring are so boring just like Chelsea FC still they win.

Mayweather vs pacquiao fight Ndi Igbo image

Jordan Graham says:

First, it was “I think I won that fight”. Now it’s “I lost because I was injured “. Such a sore loser. Just man up and admit Floyd fought a better fight.

Alex Viray says:

You got it girl

Mayweather hugging pacquiao Las Vegas fight image




Trevor Noah Says:

Mayweather and Paquiao both won. The viewers lost.

Trevor Noah on Mayweather vs pacquiao fight image


Mike Tyson says:

Mike Tyson comment on Mayweather vs pacquiao fight

Hanep says:

Floyd said he buys all those flashy expensive cars so that
he could inspire others who want to box and be like him.

He wants to be a role model for future boxers.

That’s great. You don’t have to be a real , genuine boxer.
Just hype the fight. Partner with people who know
manipulate the mainstream media and you’ll
have your own ” Fight of The Century. ”

That’s the future of boxing.

Raw Truth says:

The hard truth is that people are paying to see Mayweather beaten and the guy is playing the game very well, he does more things to make people hate him and the more they hate him the more his business flourishes. All the boxers that get along well with people don’t make money, some of them fight to please the fans but the truth is that, when your brain is knocked off the fans will forget you and face another fighter as you suffer in silence. If you are smart you shouldn’t let fans goad you into brawling like Haggler and Hearns, that was stupid in my opinion, you engage each other, beating your brains out and the fans will be shouting whao, later on the truth will set in and incoherence will become a part of that boxers life as probably with Hearns today due to the barrage of punches in the head.

It is called BOXING and not BRAWLING, it supposed to be an art, find a way to out box or out punch your opponent without him doing damage to you, pick your punches and make them count, only a fool will go there brawling, thrust his head forward to be punched just because fans want to see someone get knocked out because they paid $100 to watch the fight, but when that boxer is knocked unconscious and bedridden forever, same fans would say that he wasn’t smart enough to avoid punishment.

LOL! Each fight people will pay to watch Mayweather and after the fight they will complain that he was running and dodging, yet the next fight they will pay again and complain again after the fight, they have watched him at least 40 times do the same thing and they know this is his style yet like morons they continue to complain just because the real reason they paid to watch was not accomplished for them. They paid to see him get BEATEN!- simple; and when they don’t see that, they start whining like morons. Is it not only a moron that will be doing the same thing over and over and keep complaining? Every boxer got his style and Mayweather got his style which he has continued to use and it has been working for him, yet some moron want him to change a winning style just because that moron want to see him beaten, how ironic and foolish is this thinking and reasoning.

I just don’t know why all the whining. If it is a Mayweather fight and you don’t want to watch BOXING but instead prefer BRAWLING, don’t buy the ticket and don’t watch because you will get bored, wait for few hours and you will read or hear the result of the fight which will help you echo, “I said it, i’m happy I did not pay”. But if you know very well that it is Mayweather’s fight and that there wouldn’t be any brawling, yet you buy the ticket just because you thought his opponent would beat him for your satisfaction, if his opponent did not beat him, for the sake of goodness, blame his opponent who actually is the one that disappointed you, leave Mayweather alone because you did not buy the ticket to see him win, so stop being a complaining moron. Mayweather will not go out there and lay out his head for them to use as a punching bag just because some foolish people that hated him want him beaten or because some fans that want to see him beaten paid few hundred dollars to watch him beaten. Grow up you MORONS

Du Vallon says:

When you look at boxing greats, they went for the knock out, not to see if they could dance around for 12 rounds and edge the fight tactically”… And multiple complaints of the same nature. They are basically complaining with how points are scored. This is a sport, and sports have rules, including how it will be scored. If you don’t like this sport, then go make your own. I watched the fight, and afterward, one half said it was boring, the other half said it was a masterful job on the part of Mayweather. I agreed with the latter half. He stopped Pacquiao from scoring points, while taking his when he saw an opening. His defense is exceptional. The timing on his jabs is exceptional. Whatever sport you want to watch, in this sport, Mayweather just gave a schooling. In the end, one guy showed himself to be a master at his sport, the other showed that he was never in the same class.

Chris Williams says:

Round 1: Mayweather running
Round 2: Still running
Round 3: Mayweather hugging pacman
Round 4: Mayweather running
Round 5: More running
Round 6: Mayweather running mixed in with hugging
Round 7: Mayweather trying to hug pacman
Round 8: Mayweather back to running
Round 9: Mayweather has completed a marathon
Round 10: Mayweather still running despite completing a marathon
Round 11: Mayweather wants more hugs from pacman for completing marathon
Round 12: Mayweather has turned into Gayweather after breaking hugging record.

Julia says:

If this fight happened 5 years ago, Manny might have a chance. I’m a Pacman fan but I agree with some experts that to beat Mayweather you have to perform the perfect game plan.

What I saw last night is the same Manny Pacman at the Marquez III fight. I’m not sure if the fight is fixed or whatever but the shoulder injury excuse just doesn’t justify it. Mayweather is just that good. Injury or not, I don’t think there’s a chance for Manny to beat Mayweather any given night the way he perform last night.

I think any rematch will just be the same result and a waste of PPV$. Mayweather is bigger, faster and much smarter than Manny and Freddie Roach combine.

Mayweather might have run and hold during the fight but that’s his style anyway. What’s disappointing is Manny and Freddie knew this all along. Unfortunately their game plan didn’t work. No excused.

One thing for sure any rematch is just a waste of money.

IanChadSport says:

Mayweather’s technically brilliant, the best pfp, defensive master, etc. But he’ll never stir the blood, nor be loved. He’s the Nullifier.

Tony Emery says:

Myweathers is the most over rated Boxer in the last 50 years . I won’t say Boxings Dead but it’s on life support . If they keep letting guys fight or (run) like Mayweather it’s over. Manny tried to fight but if your opponent just runs , grabs , jabs , backs up , runs, then that’s no fight, it’s a weird uncomfortable dance and your going to end up with a idiot boxer running around with bags of cash thinking he’s really a fighter . He’s a joke and these promoters are forgetting it’s called BOXING YES BOXING not skipping in a circle 10 years ago they would have told Mayweather to fight or took points . Now it’s oh wow look at his speed . He’s a joke and any light weight UFC fighter could kill him . Oh and if you are a Mayweather fan you are also a Justin Berber Fan .

Kolawole Ali says:

Why is Mayweather proclaimed the best Pound for Pound in the world? I didn’t see any evidence of that in him jumping around, holding down the other guy and always on the defense. I won’t pay a dime to see the re-match if there will be any. The only thing I got from that fight is that Mayweather is an entertainer in Boxing while Pacquiao is a genuine fighter. Anyway the fighter was not as great as it was billed most partly down to tactics of Mayweather.

If I may add, that match was like Chelsea(Mayweather) and Barcelona(Pacquiao) and I’m a Chelsea fan. Mayweather is NOT a great boxer,only a good one at finding ways to win no matter how it makes the sport of boxing look bad. No wonder interest in boxing had dwindle since Tyson,Holyfield and Lennox Lewis era. I wont bother watching another boxing match again.

Dan says:

After Jamie Foxx acted his way through national anthem, very badly, I had a feeling the fight might suck. And it did.

Maxi Me says:

Say as you wish, but Floyd mayweather provides the best bang for the buck, in boxing. Not being a knockout champ, he always provides a full 12 rounds of entertainment. He is a gladiator, out there to entertain, not abuse his opponent. Always a gentleman on the ring, courteous to his opponent and knowledgeable that we are there to enjoy a show of professional skills. Maybe he is hated for the personal events in his life and the display of lack of knowledge, in using fortune, but he IS THE GREATEST in the ring.

Paul Jackson says:

Lucky for him, he didn’t get paid on performance or he would of ended up owing the organisers.

Christopher Biggs says:

Maybe when Mayweather steps out of his weight class and beats the world champion in their own weight class, you will stop hearing the comparisons between the two. But as long as Floyd sits protected in the same weight class he’s fought for almost a decade – no one cares. It’s like owning the video game Madden, playing on rookie and going undefeated, looks real good on paper the rest of us (the people that know the sport) know better. I won’t even go into the questionable scoring because, like anyone else that even knows a fragment about boxing, the score card is not always right. But at the end of the day he is 48-0 in his weight class, that is an accomplishment, but top five? Watch some real boxing. I forget how many weight classes has Manny moved up to then beaten the world champion? Oh that’s right Manny has done it six times. That’s why he is still, even after losing, referred to the greatest pound for pound fighter there is. Because he is – he’s a man not afraid to take on a challenge, and he’s not a coward that sits in the same weight class protecting his belts.

Craig Boedeker II says:

Somebody should tell Floyd that he’s supposed to hug his wife and punch the guy in the ring, not the other way around.

Andrew Spurvey says:

I was extremely disappointed in the fight. I disagree that Manny was out-boxed. He got out-danced. Not sure how Mayweather can look himself in the mirror when so many people paid to see a good fight. He’s a ballerina not a fighter. This was not a fight worth watching. All Mayweather did was back up for almost the entire fight. I only remember seeing him push forward twice.


Frankie Knox says:

Mayweather is a boxer? Really? Thought he was a professional runner or something…. Cowardly performance from someone who compared them self to Ali.

Elute says:

It’s a shame to see so many people who don’t understand boxing here but it’s a mainstream event so it comes with the territory I guess.

I think Floyd won easily and has always been better than Pacquiao, finally the debate is over, we can all move on and decide where Floyd ranks in the top five of all time boxers.

I think it’s disgraceful that the first thing Manny did was complain about his injury. News flash to all those who aren’t well acquainted with the sport, most boxers are carrying some kind of injury into the fight. If it’s truly serious the fight will be postponed or cancelled (e.g. broken bone or cut around eyes) but if it’s not you continue with the fight and cannot use that injury as an excuse.

“Throughout the promotion there have been amazing double standards involved, saying Floyd has slowed and down due to the manner of his two wins against Maidana whereas Pacquiao is still considered amazing following his loss by KO to Marquez. If Floyd lost and blamed a shoulder he would be ridiculed. I hope we do the same to Manny since the reverse is the case.


Irfan Ham’d says:

Statistics of the fight:
Pacquiao: 240 hits and 30 successful.

Mayweather: 256 Hugs and 45 kilometers running.


Irfan Ham'd Mayweather vs pacquiao fight comment image

Gary Hobin says:

I can smell a rematch, so more $$$$$$$$$$.

Arvz Manco says:

Greatest Rob of Boxing from fans.

Dan Sommers III says:

Last night I learned that in boxing, you can win the match without ever engaging your opponent.

 San says:

5 yrs ago might have been different. I’m sure Mayweather doesnt care with millions in his bank. Life’s good uh.

Tony Escobar says:

A total insult to the sport to say Floyd was greater than Ali. What Ali went through in his career the racism,standing up against the war. Forced to Leave the sport in his prime for 4 years coming back and winning the heavyweight title in the best era in boxing. Fighting through a broken jaw. Muhammad Ali is simply the greatest. Floyd is a legend in his own mind.


Here’s more:

Mayweather running in fight comment

Mayweather vs pacquiao reaction image


Well, here’s what Mayweather and Pacquio had to say after the fight:


First off, I want to thank God. I want to think all the fans around the world. This was a hell of a fight. I take my hat off to Manny Pacquiao, now I see why he is one of the guys at the pinacle of boxing. I am truly blessed. Manny Pacquaio is truly blessed. I am a calculating fighter. He is a tough competitor. I had to take my time with him. My last fight is in September.


It was a good fight. I got him many times. I saw the punches. I thought I won the fight. He is moving around, it is not easy to throw a lot of punches. I can handle his power. He is not strong like some others. He’s not bigger than me, the size doesn’t matter, I have fought bigger guys.



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